The Planet Earth is facing a change that is affecting the live of their habitants, carbon dioxide emissions created by the humans in the need of produce energy are creating drastically changes on the atmosphere, a clean and sustainable source of energy is needed. Biodiesel is a vegetable-oil or animal fat based diesel fuel, biodiesel is usually made from plants oil or animal fat, methanol or ethanol, Lye(potassium or sodium hydroxide) and an acid catalyst, because biodiesel essentially comes from plants and animals, the sources can be replenished through farming and recycling, biodiesel can be used on diesel engines with small modifications or no modifications needed on the engine, it also can be used in its pure form but is usually blended with regular diesel fuels, the advantage of biodiesel over fossil fuels is that releases less air pollutants than ethanol ,for every gallon of biodiesel used to replace a gallon of fossil fuel 13lbl of CO2 are kept out of the atmosphere, it also come from lower agricultural inputs and more efficient conversion from feed stock to fuel, is a non toxic biodegradable fuel, biodiesel is recognized by every industry and government entity including the E.P.A (Environmental Protection Agency) and the U.S department of transportation, in fact it is the only alternate fuel approved by the E.P.A, it has passed every health effects test of the Clean Air Act and it met the requirements of the California Air Resources Board. 

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