The Biodiesel is a clean and sustainable source of energy, but like any other product there is still some issues that with the past of time researches will improve and upgrade, there is a possibility that protest might rise in Europe (world number one producer of Biodiesel) against the practice of burning essential food items such as soybean and animals fat (main components of Biodiesel). Analysts predict the possibility that there won’t be enough vegetable oil to meet demand for domestic and energetic use.

The earth is going through several physical changes due to the consume of its resources, society is making an effort to return to the earth the essential materials humans need to survive, but what happen when two ecological changes clash trying to restore the natural balance of the world?. This is the situation between the production of Biodiesel and Deforestation, the production of green energy such as Biodiesel have caused the destruction of rain forest, from ecosystems vital for animal species to the Brazilian Amazon, with the objective of create plantations of soy beam and palm oil destined to the production of Biodiesel and other green fuels, the increasing demand for an output (biodiesel) increases the demand for intermediate inputs by suppliers (palm oil, soy beans) which increases the demand for raw materials (land), the demand of green energy leads to the international rise of soybean and palm oil price, the production of these materials have caused the destruction of the rain forest in south-east Asia, this is a complicated conflict in which both side are fighting for the same cause but cant move forward because of the other.

There is a significant problem with biodiesel which is the production of homemade biodiesel to save money on fuel purchase, on the internet customers can find the sale of equipment, machinery and materials required for the production of homemade biodiesel, this could bring severe consequences for the environment because the production of biodiesel in the hands of inexperienced persons may cause accidents in the home, such as fire or the spread of toxic gases, as also damage the environment by the erroneous preparation of biodiesel.

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